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Sofia Andres Reveals Not Planning To Marry Daniel Miranda Soon

Sofia Andres recently shocked everyone with her greatest revelation of the year. It is after she come out as a mother at the age of 21.

After she finally came out of her comfort zone, many congratulated Sofia for bravely embracing her daughter baby Zoe Natalia against all odds.

The lucky man is none other than Daniel Miranda who is a 23-year-old race car driver.

Sofia seems to planned it all as she revealed baby Zoe at the exact day of Father’s Day where she greeted her dad as well as her boyfriend.

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Being at home during the ECQ really made me feel real love from home as I was able to cherish the little things I can do and enjoy here, of course, like the DIY shoots. But on another end, ang dami ring na-cancel na plans and celebrations that had to be simply at home to be safe. And since today is a special day for the fathers, I just want to take the chance to celebrate my first love, my dad who has been with me through ups and downs. Thank you Daddy for the generosity and the love. I also want to celebrate my greatest love, Daniel. I’m so grateful that I have you by my side because you have brought so much color and adventure into my world. Not only that, you also been part in giving me my greatest happiness—our little angel. Right now I really feel complete, because I have my dad who always has my back, my love who loves me for who I am and now my little bundle of joy, whom I will love unconditionally and who will be my source of strength during these trying times. Shout out to all the fathers in the world, Happy Father's Day! #lovefromhome

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After the big news, she had her first ever interview as a mom via videocall with MJ Felipe in TV Patrol.

According to the news, Sofia gave birth to baby Zoe at exactly 8:59 PM on November 24, 2019. They decided to deliver baby Zoe in Australia where Daniel is studying.

As a look back, Sofia found out that she is actually pregnant on Valentine’s last year February 14, 2019. The actress shared that she was on a set that time when she felt something unusual.

That’s when she took a pregnancy test and found out a positive result.

In the said interview, Sofia became emotional when she shared how loving father Daniel is. They have been together for four years now.

Daniel is as best as he could be as Sofia said that he is very hands on with her daughter. From changing diapers to washing her bottles.

It was August last year when Sofia flew to Australia and got back here in the Philippines earlier this year. The very intimate baptism of baby Zoe took place on February where Kathryn Bernardo was present.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Sofia has no plan on marrying Daniel soon as they are focusing more on taking good care of their daughter.

Watch the video below:

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