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Camp of Jinkee Pacquiao Defends The Latter Over Agot Isidro’s Comment Against Her

When it comes to social media, it can’t be prevented that there will always be people who wouldn’t be pleased for what we’re doing.

Just like what happen to this known wealthy celebrity.

As we all know, the family of Jinkee Pacquiao is one of the wealthiest families in the country. With their hard work and the professionalism of her husband Manny Pacquaio.

Recently, Jinkee took to her Instagram and uploaded a photo of their luxe bicycle.

On the other other hand, Agot Isidro had another point of view upon sharing this kind of stuffs right now.

Agot then said that Jinkee should be sensitive enough to post things like this. She stressed that Jinkee should consider Filipinos who suffer from hunger because of the situation.

As a come back, their business manager Alfred L. Vegafria answered Agot through a lengthy Instagram post.

According to him, Jinkee is just simply showing what she has just like any other people who would love to share things. He also pointed out that the money they used is a clean money.

ALV went on saying that their family deserves what they have right now as they went through poor life back then.

The manager and friend of Pacquaio family defends Jinkee and even mentioning Agot Isidro on the main post.

He also gave spotlight to the good deeds of Pacquaio famiky that have beeb helping many Filipinos specially to those really in need.

Meanwhile, this lead to social media with a 50/50 opinion saying that Agot has a point while others are siding with Jinkee.

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