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Former Goin’ Bulilit Star John Manalo Bravely Calls Out 70 Senators Who Voted #YesToABS-CBNShutDown

When it comes to something you value or something you love, it would take no time to defend them in trying times.

This seems to be proven by this former Goin’ Bulilit star who is now living outside the  showbiz world but still stands for his home network.

Former Goin’ Bulilit star John Manalo surprises everyone when he defended his home network, ABS-CBN. As his fans know, John is no longer active in television.

He is now living is more quiet life outside the showbiz circle. Since his hiatus, John invested his time to business.

John is now also having a long time relationship with his girlfriend Erika Rabara.

Through the years, John has invested his time being a small business owner. Actually, he has a stall of Its Lemondary.

On the other hand, John recently breaks his silence upon hearing the news that the network who helped him become a star is now officially bids its goodbye.

According to the news, there were 70 votes on saying yes to franchise denial while 11 voted to the side of the network.

Following the news, many celebrities already aired their side and one of them is John Manalo.

“To the brave 11, hats off to all of you. Ang sarap matulog nang alam mo na tama ‘yung ginawa mo, ‘no?,” he said.

“Sa lahat naman na nag-vote ng “No” [sa patuloy na operasyon ng ABS-CBN],” bigkas ni John bago ngumiti, umiling, huminga nang malalim, at sumipol. Sa ibabang bahagi ng kanyang video, mababasa ang katagang “para saan pang naging representative kayo if pang sariling interest lang ang ni-rerepresent niyo?” he added.

Meanwhile, many were surprised and praised him for being brave enough to stand for his beloved network.

Watch the video below:

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