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Lyca Gairanod Bravely Answered Allegations of Being ‘Retokada’

When it comes to showbiz life, some celebrities can’t get away from an issue of being ‘retokada’ or ungergoing plastic surgeries.

Actually, not only young ladies and young men are accussed of being like this. Even teen stars have no escape with this one.

To give an example is Lyca Gairanod who was claimed by others to be “retokada” with her now stunning looks.

To look back, Lyca rose to fame when a netizen noticed her amazing voice. That time, she was only a young child experiencing a hard life.

The said netizen took a video of her beating the high notes of iconic song of Aegis. She was just a ‘batang kalye’ back then scavenging trash to make a living.

This then went viral and Lyca was given a chance to join the reality show The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1. She then chose Sarah Geronimo.

And so the stars were aligned for her, Lyca was able to bag the price during that time.

Since then, the aspiring child singer was given a lot of projects specially in having a performance in various shows.

Lyca even had her TV guesting and all.

But to our surprise, who would believe that from a little scavenger girl Lyca is now a pretty teen age girl.

On her social media accounts, it is obvious that Lyca has her puberty so hard.

It is also noticeable that Lyca has now a fairer and lighter skin than she was just beginning her career.

With this, some netizens couldn’t helo themselves but to conclude that Lyca had undergone plastic surgery and even glutathione.

In a YouTube vlog, this pretty girl bravely answered all the speculations about her.

She cleared that she didn’t have any plastic surgeries or whatsoever beauty agenda.

“Iki-clear ko lang po ha. Hindi po ako retoakada, kahit isa po wala,” she clarified.

Lyca went on saying that she only stays at home and that’s why she has a whiter skin now.

Meanwhile, many netizens agreed on her saying that she doesn’t need any surgeries because she is already beautiful.

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