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Bangs Garcia Is Now A Mother of Two To Her Daughters!

It seems like this is the year for celebrity parents as they are having their babies!

This year of 2020, it can’t be denied that it is not the best year for everyone. But for some, they found their new hope amid the pandemic.

Just like Bangs Garcia who just gave birth to her second baby girl!

The former actress gave birth to her baby Isabella on July 21, 2020 in U.K. time.

As a proud mother as she can be, Bangs excitedly uploaded on her Instagram account a family photo of them.

The photo shows her husband smiling while Bangs is till on her delivery bed holding her newborn on her chest.

On the caption she wrote, “Happy Birthday, Isabella!!! Born on 21st July 2020 at 9:30am weighing 7.8 lbs. (exactly as heavy as her big sister Amelia when she was born)”

Moreover, Bangs and her husband Lloydi together with theur daughter Amelia first announced that they are expecting another blessing on their family earlier this year.

Bangs also shared on her Instagran story a photo of daddy Lloydi carrying baby Isabella.

Meanwhile, Bangs received hundreds of congratulations messages from her fans and fellow celebrities.

Congratulations, mommy Bangs and daddy Lloydi!

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