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LOOK: Jinkee Pacquaio Is Living A Province Life Again!

Jinkee Pacquiao is indeed one of the rising stars in social media right now. Actually, she is one of that fashionista icon who always slays her OOTD.

As we are all aware of, Jinkee is the wife of multi millionaire Senator Manny Pacquiao. So it wouldn’t be a question how Jinkee can afford to live a luxurious life.

On the other hand, this woman still knows how to kive a simple life in province. As a matter of fact, she enjoys more being in their hometown in General Santos.

Recently, Jinkee is back again on her province and beach life after staying at home for almost four months.

On her Instagram account, photos of her with her family can be seen as they are enjoying the fresh air and peacefully embracing the rural life.

The proud mom also shared a photo of her enjoying her breakfast in an open air. She also loves to post the beauty of nature they are staying in.

A photo of her with her duaghters riding a carabao also went viral online. This was used by her fans who defended her against those bashers saying she is insensitive for posting luxurious things.

Meanwhile, Jinke as well as her kids have their own YouTube vlog where they update their daily lives.

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