Kylie Padilla share how she’s been dealing with postpartum in a series of Tweet

Kylie Padilla opens up her feelings in a series of Twitter posts.

It is about her mental health, art, and her struggle with postpartum depr3’ssion.

Kylie Padilla is an open book when it comes to her mental health and motherhood journey.

She recently admitted that she is struggling to recover from her second childbirth, compared to when she gave birth to her first son Alas Joaquin.

As per some reports, the actress posted a photo of her post-partum body on social media.

Now, in a series of posts over on Twitter, the Kapuso actress shared her thoughts about how she’s been feeling recently.

Kylie started her message with a tweet about one’s purpose in life and finding her true calling.

“Your purpose is something innately natural to you and does not cause you stress. It’s something you will naturally be pulled toward. It’s something that even if you do not get paid to do it you will be willing to invest your whole being into it. So, what is it?”

She then talked about her struggles with PPD or postpartum depr3’ssion and how she deals with it.

“If I was to be completely honest I have been suffering from PPD these past few weeks. Usually, when this happens to me I try to listen to my inner voice and meditate. Something inside me is being deprived of attention. Breathe and find comfort in silence, it has a lot to say.”

Kylie also touched on her poetry which she says comes from a dark part inside of her, one she no longer wishes to visit or tap into for the sake of art.

Lastly, Kylie ended her tweets with a message of overcoming anxiety and fear in the face of the new normal.

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