YouTube vlogger/influencer Gelson Bagatua bid his goodbye due to car acc!’dent

Another shocking news created abuzz online.

It is the untimely passing of vlogger Gelson Bagatua who allegedly d!ed in an acc!’dent in his car.

According to the DUMA VIBES post, they thank the influencer for their friendship, help, and guidance to the said Team. They wish Gelson’s soul to be at peace.

“RIP Gelson Bagatua
We were shocked and could hardly believe that you are gone so soon. We still had so much plans to make video content together in the future. You will surely be missed. Thank you so much for the fun memories that you shared. It will remain in our hearts forever. May you now rest in the permanent home that God has prepared for you.
-Duma Vibes Fam”
The influencer is twenty-four years old, according to his followers.

He is the man of God’s Hand, A Youth VLOGGER, and a student of DUMAGUETE Silimannian.

He is one of the assistants of CONGRESSMAN TEVES.

All of Gelson’s friends, family, followers, acquaintances are still shocked by the news.

They still do not accept that their good friend, supporter, lover, influencer, and who inspired his followers are now gone.

Gelson Bagatua has a total of 40,582 followers on his Facebook account and 10,700 subscribers on his YouTube channel

His remains lie in repose at the Eterna Funeral Chapels in Dumaguete City.

Bagatua, 24, d!ed on Sunday in a vehicular acc!dent along the national highway in Barangay Villareal, Bayawan City.
Initial police reports say the traffic acc!dent occurred at 3 a.m. Sunday. His three friends, while sustaining injuries, survived the acc!dent.
Rest in Peace, Gelson Bagatua! Thanks for the story brother, thank you for being an inspiration to all your followers!

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