Cagayan Valley and Isabela trends anew, residents are now crying for help

Netizens who hailed from Cagayan have called on the national government and well-meaning people to help them.

As most of the province’s areas are still submerged in fl00dwater due to Typh00n Ulysses.

Cagayan continues to be submerge in “still-rising” fl00dwaters, netizens who hail from the province have warn as they frantically sought assistance from government early Saturday.

One netizen posted a viral video of onrushing water allegedly being released from Magat Dam.

Nearly a day after the onslaught of typh00n “Ulysses.” Cagayan and Isabela are facing a potential humanitarian catastrophe, said netizens.

Some of the desperate calls for help, including from one Monica Shaine Time-Jimenez, appealed to media to bring to national attention their predicament and to help bring in relief goods.

Still some have reported bodies floating in fl00dwaters.

“The fl00d is rising continually due to heavy rains. Please help us reach the media by using these hashtags. Tweet or post using these hashtags. CAGAYAN IS CALLING FOR HELP,” Jimenez said in her post.

Another Facebook user, Fatima Domingo made the same plea. “I have been watching the news since yesterday and I see little to no media coverage of the recent flooding in Cagayan Valley and Isabela,” she wrote.

Domingo claimed that many people are asking to be rescued as they are already on their rooftops.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jun Decena said at least 16 barangays in the town remain under water.

And that 7,652 families or 32,659 residents were affected.

He also said rescue and evacuation operations were halted temporarily at night due to power outage.

He also cries for help.

“Kailangan na kailangan po namin. Lahat po ng tulong wine-welcome ko po sa ating bayan.”

Decena also appealed to the public to send relief goods to their area.

Praying for the safety of Cagayan and Isabella!






Written by aDmin

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