A parent disliked what her child’s teacher response on losing modules in fl00dwaters

Because of the onslaught of Ulysses learning modules is affected.

The country has been hit by weather disturbances that caused significant damage to lives and livelihoods.

Mostly affected are students.

As we all know for the new normal, home study is now depends on modular learning.

Many students are now thinking about their modules that wrecks by fl00dwaters.

And just recently, A parent took to social media and posted the conversation of her child with that of his teacher.

In a now-deleted post, the parent, Facebook user Michelle Barbaran, uploaded the screenshot of the convo. Before it was completely deleted, some netizens were able to get hold of a copy of the picture uploaded.

The teacher asked her child if he was able to save any module. “Ok lang ako ano inuna nyo bang sinave any module? Para sa bayan para sa kinabukasan?”

The student then admitted that he was not able to save a module and that they got wet.

“Sir hindi po, nabasa po ung modules ko,” said the student.

To this, the teacher said, “So gusto mo icongrats kita?” Thereafter he made another reply with the word, “Congrats.”

Some see it as a sarcastic way of how the teacher deal with his student.

Apparently, Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian has urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to produce more distance learning modules to help students who were affected by typh00n “Ulysses” cope with their studies despite the difficulty.

Though the situation maybe complicated for some students, Gatchalian said it is imperative for the government to strive to provide for the needs of these students who were forced to leave their homes abruptly as their homes were inundated during the typh00n.

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Written by aDmin

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