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Angel Locsin Pointed Out Main Issue With DepEd About Bodysh4ming

Angel Locsin finally speaks up regarding the teacher who bodysh4med her in a learning module. This time, she pointed out DepEd for missing the main point.

It all started when a supposed to be answering sheets prepared by a teacher for a School Division in Occidental Mindoro made buzz online.

The said learning material includes Angel and Coco Martin as an example. What it concerns the most is that the teacher promotes bodysh4ming after calling Angel ‘0bese.’

With this, the Department of Education already released an official statement regarding the issue. In the said note, DepEd says that they already taken action over the matter.

It says that they are already working with the mentioned teacher and apologizes for his mistake.

However, Angel has a more meaningful point. On her Instagram, the award winning actress has reacted with the issue.

For Angel, she doesn’t mind the “cheap comments” about her but what concerns her the most is that DepEd missed the key point.

She further pointed out that the main issue here is that the teacher is teaching the students to look down on others and it promotes bodysh4ming.

The General Daughter star said that they must focus on molding the students with proper manners and right conducts.

“What bothers me most is apart from teaching incorrect grammar to the students, DepEd seems unaffected that the said teacher is teaching bad conduct and sowing d!scriminati0n among the children.”

Angel went on saying, “This is the more relevant issue deped, that you should be held accountable and must correct. Sa inyo naka salalay ang pag asa ng ating milyon milyong kabataan.”

At the end, Angel said that the teacher should apologize to all the students who read the module.


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