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DJ Chacha calls out a netizen’s fraud after earning 7K from streaming donations

DJ Chacha took to Twitter and warned the public about “budol” in the Philippines.

Most notable streamers receive hundreds or thousands of donations every month.

Hosting a charity stream (on Twitch, YouTube, or on any other platform) is much more difficult than hosting a regular, mostly because charity streams involve more moving parts — there’s the charity, the donation flow, guests, and, obviously, anything else you’re doing to make the experience special for your viewers.

Most streamers also use their platforms to gain donations for the past typh00n v1ctims.

And just recently, DJ Chacha took to Twitter and posted the convo between streamers who were talking about donations.

She posted a convo from an apparently gamers’ group chat, where a user “G-gaming” proudly revealed he got P7K from donations.

His exact statement was:

“Naka 7k ako kagabe HAHAHA via Gcash sila nag-donate. [email protected]ó gulat nga e trip trip lng naman.”

Another responded, “HAHAHA” sabay bili agad ng steelseries si [email protected]ó e HAHAHAH”

Turns out the Steelseries is a gamer’s peripheral.

DJ Chacha then said that for those who want to donate, it would be prudent to check the donation drives.

She then asked, “Paano niyo nagagawang manloko sa dami ng totoong nahihirapan ngayon?”

It then elicits mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“Nag kalat iyan sa Pinas akala mo legit pero nanghuhuthot lang pala.”

“Kaya patuloy padin Ang parusa sa mga tao dahil MERON at MERON padin maiitim Ang budhi walang puting nananalaytay sa pagkatao”

“Ingat tayo sa mga nanghihingi kuno ng tulong tapos binubulsa lang pala, kapal ng mga mukha!”

“Kaya maraming legit na nanghihingi ng tulong di mabigyan dahil sa mga gantong tao eh”

It can be worth noting that what those streamers did is exploitative.

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Written by aDmin

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